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Sinton group is headquartered in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, with a total registered capital of 300 million yuan. Group assets exceed 300 million yuan. It is a large electric heating supply chain enterprise in Jiangsu Province, with nearly 200 employees. Mainly sell and produce Explosion-proof Molten-salt-heater, circulating air duct heater, pipeline electric heater, electric hot oil circulation heater, electric heating tubes, electric heating accessories, electric heating elements, thermocouples, etc.




Sinton group products are exported to 125 countries and regions at home and abroad, with an annual trade volume of more than 100 million yuan. The group company has quality management, environmental management system certification ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS, OHSAS, explosion-proof certificate, CCC certification, CE certification, export registration, invention patents, utility model patent.We will use integrity, strength and product quality to obtain your and the industry's recognition.




Social Responsibility

We actively participate in social responsibility and are committed to giving back to the society. We have long been funding poor students to help them complete their studies, providing them with better educational opportunities, and enabling them to pursue their dreams.

We pay attention to the families of our employees and provide assistance and support to those in difficulty. We have established a fund for assisting difficult employees, which is used to help them solve unexpected difficulties in their lives, such as illness and accidents, making them feel the warmth and care of the enterprise.

In addition, we also actively participate in various social welfare activities and contribute to the society. We organize

volunteer activities and participate in public welfare projects in the fields of environmental protection, education, and health, creating a better environment and conditions for the society.

We believe that a company's social responsibility is not only about pursuing economic benefits, but more importantly, about giving back to the society and benefiting the public. We will continue to uphold the concept of sustainable development, actively fulfill our social responsibilities, and contribute to building a better future.

We will use integrity, strength and product quality to obtain your and the industry's recognition.

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