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Teach you how to keep your neighbors warm all winter without paying a penny!

2020-08-04 08:40:18

Summer air conditioning, has been blowing, a straight, and winter? First the heating fee paid, looked at the heating fee of 20 yuan a square meter, looked at the home of 200 square meters of the house, think about the money ah, spend is really chilling ah。

Explosion proof heating elecment

This, some people had any ideas, started to steal heating changchun home heating corporation inspectorate in changchun city west road austral a business building inspection, found that this is due to the lack of heating of the commercial building is still heating after rule out the possibility of its own heating, inspectors found, in building a layer of the building to the entire building heating pipelines of receiving heating head line, 2600 square meters of office building to take overall thermal heating pipelines from heating head line, kui he wants to come out and everyone know main use of floor heating, heating floor heating distribution warm water two kinds Spread use of floor heating is mostly water, the water pipe under the ground, hot water heat by radiation and convection form will spread to stays inside the room through the pipeline and municipal heating hot water, heating side generally use gas or coal fired hot water boiler, the hot water flow to the families, and steal the heat is the pipe line cut off, will lead to the back of the road there is not enough heating temperature, the northeast of a gentleman, also heat the stolen artifacts in home outfit, all the other people's heat suck, others can't heating, white hand in the expenses Finally, remind everybody, since be about to make money in time with central heating, need not can choose other heating measure, must not move awry brain, want to compensate heating cost not only otherwise, investigate criminal responsibility even, gain does not pay。



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