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Pipeline heater for water heating 380V 240KW

2023-11-02 17:35:51

Pipeline heater for water heating 380V 240KW


The parameter of this pipe heater is 380V 240 KW. The customer uses it to heat water. The temperature used according to the customer's requirements is 90 degrees Celsius. For the service life and safety of the product, the temperature we designed for the customer is 100 degrees Celsius.The protection level is IP44, it is connected in two groups, and the design pressure is 0.1MPa.We can keep the heater warm according to the needs of different customers. This needs to be agreed in advance.By default, the insulation layer is not made before leaving the factory.

The heating element material of this pipe heater is SS321, and the material of the container is 304. We are equipped with a temperature measuring thermocouple for the outlet of the pipe heater equipment to detect the temperature.



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