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100KW air duct heater for industrial heating

2023-11-04 18:30:23

100KW air duct heater for industrial heating


The parameters of this air duct heater are 380V 100KW, divided into 3 groups of wiring control, supporting the control system.The air duct heater used by the customer is to heat the room temperature gas for industrial heating. The temperature used according to the customer's requirements is 150 degrees Celsius. For the service life and safety of the product, the temperature we designed for the customer is 200 degrees Celsius.K-type thermocouple with outlet temperature measurement configuration.We can customize the air duct heater according to the needs of different customers. This requires confirming the drawing information of the heater with the customer before production.

This air duct heater is arranged with 24 finned heaters. The material is SS304 and the diameter of the heating tube is 20mm. We configure a temperature measurement point for the air duct heating tube outlet and do thermal insulation treatment. The thermal insulation material is aluminum silicate cotton.

All air duct heater products are energized, voltage tested, and insulation tested before leaving the factory.



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