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90KW thermal oil furnace

2023-11-08 17:05:29

Thermal oil furnace is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving heating equipment in petroleum, chemical, electronics, textiles, printing and dyeing, food, plastics, film and other industries.The design pressure of the oil furnace cylinder is 0.5 MPa.


The temperature control accuracy of the thermal oil heating furnace produced by Sinton Group can reach ±1℃.It also has anti-dry burning and explosion-proof safety measures.The explosion-proof mark of the explosion-proof heater is EXDBBT4 EXDⅡBT6 EXDECTCT6, etc.According to the process characteristics of the thermal oil-electric heating furnace, a high-precision digital display program thermostat is selected to automatically start the optimal process program parameters for PID adjustment and temperature control.The control system of the oil heating furnace is a closed-loop negative feed system. The oil temperature signal detected by the thermocouple is transmitted to the PID stability controller, which drives the non-contact controller to control the output duty cycle of the heater during a fixed period of time. The output power of the heater.With: (1) Over-temperature alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power supply.(2) Disconnection alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power supply.(3) Over-pressure alarm, and automatically cut off the heating power



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