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340KW high power air duct heater

2023-11-11 18:30:52

340KW high power air duct heater


The working principle of a high-power air duct heater is to generate heat through a resistance heating element, and then send hot air or hot air flow through a fan to the area that needs to be heated.

Specifically, high-power air duct heaters usually consist of a set of resistive heating elements and a fan.Resistance heating elements are usually made of materials such as nickel-chromium alloy or iron-chromium aluminum alloy, which have high resistance values and good high temperature resistance.When an electric current passes through a resistive heating element, a large amount of heat is generated, which increases the surface temperature of the heating element.

Then, the fan transmits hot air or hot air flow to the area that needs to be heated.During transmission, hot air or hot air flow will exchange heat with the surrounding air or gas, thereby increasing the temperature of the entire area.

It should be noted that high-power air duct heaters require the use of high-quality heating elements and fans to ensure the heating effect and service life.At the same time, safety needs to be paid attention to during use to avoid accidents such as fires.



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