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Three wiring methods for heaters and how to connet the wire of industrial heater

2024-01-08 10:40:17

Three wiring methods for heaters and how to connet the wire of industrial heater

With the continuous advancement of technology, Electric industrial heaters have become an indispensable part of our lives. But did you know that different wiring methods can affect the performance and efficiency of your industrial heaters? In this article, Sinton will reveal the three methods to wire a heater: single-phase wire connection, three-phase star wire connection, and three-phase delta wire connection. Follow sinton to learn more and choose the best solution for your heating system!


Parallel connection: A method of connecting several conductive components together at one end and the other end together, and then connecting both ends to the power supply.

Series connection: Connect several conductor components end to end, and then connect the remaining conductors end to end to the power supply.

Single-phase wiring is the most common and is used in homes and small commercial locations. Through a simple two-wire connection method, the basic functions of the heater are realized. This method is not only easy to install, but also easy to operate. It is the first choice for many small places.


Connect each phase power supply or load end to end in order, and lead out each connected point as the three phase wires of three-phase electricity. There is no neutral point in the triangle connection, and the neutral line cannot be lead out, so there is only a three-phase three-wire system. 

For large industrial equipment and high energy consumption places, the three-phase delta connection is an ideal choice for most of industrial heaters. By connecting the three phases in a triangle, higher power transfer efficiency is achieved. This method is suitable for environments with extremely high temperature requirements, ensuring that the equipment can operate normally under the harshest conditions.


Connect the three-phase load or the ends of the three windings, U2.V2.W2, together to form a common point O, that is to say, the neutral line. This neutral line can be connected to zero or not, and then Three end lines are drawn from the starting end U1.V1.W1.

When it comes to medium-sized heating systems, the three-phase star connection demonstrates its advantages. By connecting three phases, a star-shaped structure is formed, which provides a more uniform and stable heating effect. This method is suitable for industrial sites that require large amounts of energy to provide reliable energy support for equipment.

When choosing a heater wiring method, you need to consider the size and energy consumption needs of the place of use. Different wiring methods have their own advantages, allowing you to flexibly configure them according to specific needs to ensure the best heating effect.

Whether you're enjoying cozy time in your home or looking for efficient energy in an industrial setting, it's crucial to understand the three ways to wire your heater. I hope this article can provide you with clear guidance and make your choice of heating system more comfortable. Choose the appropriate wiring method and let warmth always accompany you in your life and work!


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