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The selection of mine antifreeze air duct heaters needs to be cautious

2024-01-25 16:30:43

The selection of mine antifreeze air duct heaters needs to be cautious


The following are a few precautions for choosing wellhead explosion-proof heaters.:

1. Explosion-proof grade: When choosing an air duct heaters, make sure that it meets a class of explosion-proof standards and has the MA mark.The use of ordinary type II explosion-proof air duct heaters that do not meet the requirements on the mine may result in fines, rectification or shutdown.

2. Temperature control: The temperature of the wellhead antifreeze heater should not exceed 70°C. It is inappropriate to advocate a heater with a temperature of 1000°C.

3. Accessory identification: The accessories of the heater should also have the MA logo. Accessories without the logo cannot be used, which are seriously unqualified items.

4. Air inlet volume estimation: It is very important to correctly estimate the air inlet volume of the mine. If the air inlet volume is too small, the heater power will be insufficient, and the wellhead may freeze in extreme weather.Choose the scheme with the largest air intake and ensure that the control system can automatically adjust to the required temperature and power.If the total power becomes smaller, the system will not be able to increase the power.

5. Spare equipment: Mine air duct heaters must be used one by one, so that even if one equipment fails, the other can still be used normally to avoid shutdown.

When choosing an antifreeze heater for a mine, be sure to pay attention to the above points to ensure that the equipment meets safety standards, can be effectively antifreeze, and ensure the normal production and operation of the mine.



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