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Sinton surface K type thermocouple; magnet thermocouple

2021-09-23 17:40:52

Sinton surface K type thermocouple; magnet thermocouple

Measuring temperature range: 0 ~ 200 ℃

Thermal response time: about 10 seconds on metal surface

Tolerance level: Level 1

Overall dimension: 55mm * 20MM

Application: Sinton surface K type thermocouple usually can be used to measure the surface temperature of objects. It is used in conjunction with K-type digital thermometer TM902C, TM6902D, DM6801A / B, DE3002 / 3003, fluke50ii series and other temperature measuring instruments. Our magnet thermocouple is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, rubber, plastics, ceramics, aluminum alloy, mold, granary and other industrial departments.

 K type thermocouple.JPG

 K type thermocouple.JPG

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