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Single end tubular heating element

2021-11-02 16:20:39

Single end tubular heating element, we also called electric cartridge heater, tubular heating rod etc. How many types of cartridge heaters? Let sinton tell you:

①mimi cartridge heater diameter from Φ3Φ5.9mm

②sntandard cartridge heater diameter from Φ6Φ25mm

③large cartridge heater diameter from Φ25Φ100mm

④split type cartridge heater, it is made of two half together and usually be made in a mould. When the cartridge heater can’t be fit in the mould hole fully, the Thermal conversion wouldn’t be as good as split type cartridge heater with can fit the inside hole of the mould exactly. Also it can be with longer usage time.

⑤flat type cartridge heater, it was used in a specially environment as the heating element. Which shape isn’t regular.

⑥square cartridge heater, it can be made in a specially environment as mould heating elements similar to flat type cartridge heater

⑦Conical cartridge heater it is effective as a heating element in molds in special animal environment, and is used in some taper mold holes.

⑧empty cartridge heater, it can heat the air fastly through the hole of cartridge heater, it can be used in Machine for producing masks.

Single end tubular heating element.png

Single end tubular heating element.png

Single end tubular heating element.png


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