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Siliconer rubber heating pad

2021-11-29 16:35:35

Siliconer rubber heating pad order had been finished and ready for delivery to Russia

Specification as follows: 27V 45W 290mm * 120mm with 3M adhesive

Sinton Silicone rubber heating element is composed of two pieces of glass fiber cloth and a silica gel glass fiber cloth made of two pieces of silicon pressing glue. Because it is a sheet product (the standard thickness is 1.5mm), it has good flexibility and can be in full close contact with the heated object. And it is easier to get close to the heating object, and the shape can be changed at will. In this way, the heat can be transferred to any required place. General planar heating objects take carbon as the main component, while the silica gel heater is composed of arranged nickel alloy resistance wires, so it can be used safely. The surface heater can be made as required. The product is widely used in tubular and surface antifreeze, thermal insulation and heating of medical care, instruments and mechanical equipment.

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