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Kapton heater

2021-12-07 16:05:37

Kapton heater had been finished and ready for delivery to USA today.


Size 60*800mm,25V 2-2.5mA,resistance 10 ohms, wattage 62W , lead wire 300mm

Size 50*800mm,25V 2-2.5mA,resistance 10 ohms, wattage 62W , lead wire 300mm



  1. Small space occupied; Light weight; The thickness is thin (generally less than 0.2mm).

  2. Polyimide film heating element is soft and its small bending radius is only about 0.8mm.

  3. PI film element’s shape and size are flexible, especially suitable for making flexible electrothermal film elements with small area.

  4. The surface heating mode is adopted, and the allowable surface power density is large, which can be up to 7.8   W/cm2 Therefore, this product series has the characteristics of uniform heating performance and faster heating rate.

  5. Different heating power requirements and heating temperature requirements can be met at different areas, and the temperature distribution on the heating surface can be realized according to the design requirements.

  6. Small thermal inertia, high temperature control precision and fast speed.

  7. As a protective layer, the insulating film has low saturated vapor pressure, low outgassing, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, antibacterial performance and radiation resistance. Therefore, this series of electrothermal film products are suitable for vacuum environment and environment in contact with oil and most chemicals (such as acid, chemical solvent and general lye).

  8. It can be conveniently integrated with thin thermal insulation materials to provide light electric heating elements with thermal insulation layer.

  9. Products with PSA self-adhesive are more convenient and fast to install.

  10. This series of products are, reliable and long service life.



     Electric PI film heating element is widely used in: warm products such as warm hands, warm gloves, warm mouse pads, warm shoes, warm insoles, pet pads   Electric heating oil removal system of range hood   Tank insulation device   Electrothermal physiotherapy tablet   Demister mirror   Fish tank heater, hair curler, hair straightener, massager and other household appliances, industrial equipment and instruments.

Kapton heater.jpg

Kapton heater.jpg


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