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stainless steel Rubber band clamp

2021-12-11 14:50:34

Sinton stainless steel Rubber band clamp had been finished already and packed well ready for delivery.

Material: SS304

Diameter 6mm , width 12mm

Qty: 6000 pieces

Temperature range -40℃ to 120℃ or short time of 150℃ to 200℃

Protection level: IP65


Sinton stainless steel Rubber band clamp Product features:

beautiful appearance, combined with EPDM rubber, it has strong tensile resistance and plays a certain role in protecting cables and wires.

Sinton rubber clamp can be waterproof, dustproof, salt resistant, resistant to chemicals and general solvents. It can be used in machinery, automatic control, electrical, network, connector, telecommunications or communication, lighting, etc.

This kind of clamp is used for fixing small metal pipes and PVC pipes with the wall. It has strong rust resistance, good fixing effect, low price and good quality. There are three materials: ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel box and iron galvanized. In addition, there is a double horse riding supply, which can fix two pipes of the same size at the same time.

stainless steel Rubber band clamp .jpg

stainless steel Rubber band clamp .jpg


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