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U type finned tubular heating elements had been finished and ready for delivery today.

2022-01-03 13:25:13

U type finned tubular heating elements had been finished and ready for delivery today.


Stainless steel tubular heating elements is made of high quality stainless steel tube, modified mgo powder,high quality resistance wire(NiCr wire or FeCrAl wire) through advanced production equipment and technology, and has carried out strict quality management.

This series of products can be installed in blowing pipe or other heating occasions of static and flowing air.

Sinton U type tubular heating elements with fin is wound with metal heat sink on the surface of ordinary elements. Compared with ordinary elements, the heat dissipation area is expanded by 2 ~ 3 times, that is, the allowable surface power load of fin elements is 3 ~ 4 times that of ordinary elements. Due to the shortening of the length of the element, the heat loss is reduced. Under the same power conditions, it has the advantages of fast temperature rise, uniform heating, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, small volume of the heating device and low cost. Reasonable design is carried out according to user requirements, which is convenient for installation.  


Finned tubular heating elements are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, food, household appliances and other industries, especially in the air curtain industry of air conditioner.


Technology: stainless steel tubular heating element which is wound on the outer surface of the heating tube by fins to dissipate heat.


Usage: used for heating oven and drying channel. Generally, the heating medium is air.


Features: good heat dissipation effect and high thermal efficiency.

U type finned tubular heating elements.png

U type finned tubular heating elements.png



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