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Womens Day

2022-03-09 16:20:25

Sinton group organized a series of activities on March 8 International Women's Day


On the occasion of "3.8" International Women's Day, Sinton Group actively organized a series of activities to welcome "3.8".


Yesterday afternoon, under the leadership of Sinton Group, female employees of headquarters and production department were organized to participate in outdoor barbecue and outdoor sports in the park. Sinton employees fully demonstrated a positive and healthy spirit.


It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery. Employees of the Sinton had an outdoor barbecue in the park, and a group of people came to the scenic spot to visit the scenery, which fully reflected the special care of the enterprise for the female employees, demonstrated the spirit of unity of the female employees of the company, and enhanced everyone's coordination ability and cohesion.


First, the administration department will take a few people to prepare the ingredients, and the rest will first find a good place to make a fire. Everyone will make concerted efforts to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere.


In the middle of the activity, everyone worked together to make a good fire in the early stage. Everyone was eager to try and bake delicious food with their own hands. Some people baked it for the first time, which was quite delicious.


At the same time, the activities of the company headquarters are also very exciting. 







Everyone held games such as kicking shuttlecock, skipping rope, tug-of-war, running, etc. Everyone actively participated, cooperated with each other, bravely fought for the first place, and laughed constantly.


The launch of the "3.8" series of activities not only enabled the majority of female employees of the company to have a rich and meaningful holiday, but also demonstrated the spirit of unity and progress of female employees of the company, fully demonstrating the corporate culture and staff style.



Finally, we took a group photo together, and everyone left a happy memory.




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