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Customers come to Sinton Group to discuss business.

2022-03-21 17:10:40

On March 18th, the customer and his party came to Sinton Group to discuss the design of  how to keep their vegetable greenhouses warm using our heaters.

sinton group 1.jpg

The department manager of Sinton Group welcomed the guests and his party, introduced the basic situation, future work ideas and strategic layout of Sinton Group, and looked forward to the direction of business cooperation between the two parties.

sinton group 3.jpg

In the afternoon, the two sides conducted friendly communication and exchange on future work ideas and development goals.

sinton group 2.jpg

The client delegation expressed its gratitude to the Sinton Group for its warm reception.

After this business negotiation, the two sides agreed to establish a mechanism of high-level mutual visits, strengthen business communication, deepen pragmatic cooperation, achieve strong alliance and create a new pattern of development between the two sides. 



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