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Sinton customers PLC control cabinet have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-04-12 17:45:58

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PLC control cabinet: PLC control cabinet has protection functions such as overload, short circuit and phase loss protection. 

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It has compact structure, stable work and complete functions. It can be combined according to the actual control size, which can not only realize the automatic control of a single cabinet, but also realize that multiple cabinets can form a distributed (DSC) control system through an industrial Ethernet or industrial fieldbus network. 

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The PLC control cabinet can adapt to various industrial automation control occasions of various sizes. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, environmental protection sewage treatment and other industries.


The circuit design of Sinton control cabinet is simple and the circuit is clear, which is convenient for fault analysis.

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Control cabinet products support customization.

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Sinton control cabinets use high quality materials to save energy and effectively reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

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The control cabinet door components are arranged beautifully and neatly, the component signs are clean and clear, and the operation is convenient and fast.

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If there's any control cabinet inquiry, welcome contact with us and we are professional with better services and high quality control cabinet.


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