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Yandu organizes the theme activities of badminton competition with the Winter Olympics

2022-04-20 17:05:09

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In order to further carry forward the Olympic spirit and create a strong atmosphere of winter Olympics and national fitness, on the afternoon of April 19th, the 2nd IKEA Cup Badminton Tournament in 2022 was held in Sinton Badminton Hall, E-commerce Express Industry Park, sponsored by the Party Committee of the "Two New Organizations" of the city and hosted by Shen Dangjian Studio. More than 20 athletes from 10 teams of "two new" party organizations in the street participated in the competition, and on this big stage, they fully demonstrated the Olympic spirit of "swifter, higher, stronger-more United" with their skills and strength. 

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At the beginning of the activity, all party members listened to Shen, a senior party worker in Yancheng City, a party instructor in Yandu District, and a branch secretary of Shenyang Party Building Studio, about "carrying forward the spirit of party building and continuing the red blood" -studying the spiritual micro-party class of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party. 

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Sun Yahong, chairman of Yancheng IKEA Property Management Co., Ltd., shared the story of the development and growth of red property led by the party building.

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All Party members came to the stadium to watch the badminton match. The on-site confrontation is fierce and cooperation is wonderful. Everyone followed the principle of friendship first and competition second, worked hard and uses all kinds of tactics flexibly. 

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Through fierce fighting, the Party branch of IKEA Property finally won the team gold medal. 

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Sinton group party branch won the group championship. 

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The Flash Party Branch and Model Worker Innovation Party Branch won the runner-up of the group. 

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The SF Express Party Branch, Didi Party Branch and Chenyu Medical Devices Party Branch won the third place in the group. 

In this activity, the "Two new" Party Committee of Du Yan Street organized the "Two new" Party organizations to jointly carry out "Embrace the Winter Olympics, we are in action" activity to the future, which not only built a good platform for everyone to learn, communicate and exercise, but also enriched the spare time life of Party members, further strengthened the mission of Party members to "strive to be an example, be an example and be at the forefront" and marched towards a new journey with a more high-spirited attitude. 



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