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Sinton customers Sealed Waterproof Electric Heating Element for Water Boiler have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-04-25 16:25:03

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Product introduction

For the stainless steel fully sealed immersive heating element, the junction part is made of high-temperature resistant silicone rubber after a molding process. The electric heating element and the electric wire can be heated directly in water, without installation. 

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User guide:

When the heating element is put into use, the heating part must be completely immersed in water (the wire can be in the water or on the water surface), and then the power supply is turned on to start heating up. When the water temperature reaches the operating temperature, cut off the power supply before using water. When heating, please do not contact with water and electric heating tube, in case of leakage. (if you want to work on line, please ground the water tank and install the leakage protector)

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What needs attention?


1. Don't work without water.

2. Dry the heater body after use.

3. If you have water tank equipment, you need a grounding wire.

Safety notice: Do not test the water temperature by hand when heating!


How to select the most appropriate sealed waterproof electric heating element?


When choosing a sealed waterproof electric heating element, Sinton suggests that you consider the following three points:


1.Working environment: Determine the heating pipe material according to working environment, processing length, power setting and processing accessories.


2.Shape and size: Determine the specific shape and size of the heating element according to the actual installation space.


3. Installation parameters: according to different application occasions, select appropriate installation accessories and processing parameters for installation and use. 

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How to correctly use the sealed and waterproof electric heating element?


1. The burn out substances.


(1) when dry burning is adopted, consider whether the power setting is reasonable: whether to choose a reasonable power load according to your actual situation; If the power load is too high, the heating pipe will be burned out.


(2) when the oven u - shaped electric heating tube is designed for heating liquid medium, it shall not be out of the liquid level dry burning. To prevent burning out and burning out the heating pipe.


(3) when the u - shaped stainless steel tubular heating elements of the oven works according to the different liquid media in contact, there may be scale, dirt and sundries accumulated on the surface of the tube, which may corrode the heating tube and affect the heat dissipation of the heating tube, thus causing damage to the heating tube. Therefore, it is suggested to use the liquid medium with less impurities. Cleaning the surface of the heat pipe and the inside of the container regularly improves the working efficiency and the service life of the heat pipe.


2. Safety protection:


(1) when the tubular heating element works, the surface temperature is high. When dry burning in the atmospheric environment, attention should be paid to the exposed heated parts to prevent accidents such as short circuit and fire.


(2) during using the stainless steel tubular heating element, we should pay attention to keep the outgoing parts of the insulation dry and prevent leakage. It is best to do a good job in grounding protection. Under the condition of high power use, effective grounding protection must be done. 

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If you want to buy Sealed Waterproof Electric Heating Element, we are experienced and can provide you with better services and products.


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