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On May 7, 2022, the delegation visited Sinton Group Headquarters.

2022-05-10 18:03:34

David Wang and experts in various fields had in-depth exchanges on the technical characteristics and market channel development of Sinton's new energy-saving heating, hot water, and drying equipment.

Sinton Group 1.jpg

In Sinton Corporate Culture Corridor, the delegation watched the development of the group. 

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Sinton Group started in 2001 and has a development history of nearly 21 years. After careful management and careful polishing by Sinton people, it stood out in the fierce competition in the national electric heating products market and gradually formed its own brand and corporate culture.


At present, "promoting the globalization of energy saving and heating in Sinton" has become the unremitting pursuit and effort direction of Sinton people.

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All of the visitors are the exports of electric heating industry,We talked with each other and thought many new idea of our industry. And next step is let these good ideas form practical products and applications. Our company Sinton would like to design for your particular project of heating system & one stop solution for your requirement.




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