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Caring for the workers, warming their hearts and gathering strength-The leaders of Sinton Group express their sympathy to the families of the workers in difficulty

2022-06-08 17:05:09

In recent years, Sinton Group has attached great importance to poverty alleviation, and has always insisted on treating employees as relatives and their own affairs. On the basis of traditional poverty alleviation, it has further innovated and improved, applied for subsidies, raised funds and assistance, etc. Taking multiple measures simultaneously, so that every employee in difficulty can truly feel the care and warmth of Sinton's extended family. 

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On the morning of June 7th, under the leadership of David Wang, chairman of the group, Sun Jianqiang, Zhu Yingchun and others visited Cai Wanlong's home for condolences, and sent condolences and solatium to Cai Wanlong's family.

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Cai Wanlong is a painter in the production department of China Hopebond Eco Tech Co. Ltd, who is conscientious and responsible. Master Cai is the pillar of the family. The eldest son suffered from congenital diseases after birth, so far he can't find employment, and he needs physical therapy for a long time. My youngest son is 11 years old, and his academic performance is excellent. Although the family conditions are hard, both husband and wife are examples of hard work in rural areas. Besides work, they also farm, raise silkworms, do odd jobs, etc. And maintain family expenses through their hard-workingands and hard - working spirit. 

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David Wang had a cordial conversation with Cai Wanlong's family, encouraging them to adjust their mentality, treat life with a positive attitude, face temporary difficulties optimistically and bravely, and strive to get out of the predicament as soon as possible. The group will also continue to pay attention to their family situation and do our little to improve their lives. Cai Wanlong said that he is very proud to be a Xingtai person. The company treats every employee as a family member, and will be grateful, work more actively and contribute to the development of the company.

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It is the most precious wealth of employees' enterprises. Sinton Group has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, responsibility, co-creation and sharing", continuously improved the production and living conditions of employees in the process of development, focused on solving outstanding problems that employees care about, provided timely assistance to employees in need, and routinely carried out activities such as sending them off to cool, send warm and golden autumn to help students etc, so as to enhance their well-being.



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