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Sinton customers quartz infrared heater have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-07-13 17:25:40

Size:120*60*25mm  Power and Voltage: they can be made according to your design.

quartz infrared heater (4).jpg

This is a box heater, similar to a ceramic heater, with industry standard dimensions. The heater is assembled from high-temperature resistant iron-chromium-aluminum alloy resistance coils, specially designed refractory quartz materials, and high-reflectivity stainless steel aluminized casings.

quartz infrared heater (2).jpg

Quartz heaters mainly emit mid- and long-wave infrared rays. Its heating rate is very fast, and the heating time required is only half of that of ceramic heaters, so it is especially suitable for intermittent production or equipment that requires rapid heating.

quartz infrared heater (3).jpg

Infrared medium wave has stronger penetration, so for some thick sheet materials (above 2mm), its heating effect is better, and for most materials, the absorption spectrum of medium and long wave is wider, the total energy absorbed is more, and the efficiency would be more ideal. For the quartz plate heater, the uniformly arranged quartz tubes can better control the distance before each heating wire, and the thickness of each quartz tube is the same, so the quartz plate has a more uniform surface temperature.

quartz infrared heater (1).jpg

At present, it has good applications in automobile interior parts, refrigerator liner molding, printing and other industries.

quartz infrared heater (6).jpg

The heater power range is 125W to 1000W, and its surface temperature can reach up to 800 degrees.

quartz infrared heater (13).jpg

quartz infrared heater (5).jpg

Iron-chromium-aluminum resistance wire

Heater standard voltage: 230V (other voltage values are available on request)

Heater wavelength range: 1.5-5.6 microns

The recommended radiation distance for the heater is from 100mm to 200mm

Provide 100mm ± 10mm ceramic bead wire,

There also standard size for example 240mm*60mm ; 245mm*65mm etc.

If you want to buy quartz heater, we are experienced and can provide you with better services and products.


Sinton Group mainly make kinds of electric heating elements and temperature sensor: For example , cartridge heater,hot runner coil heating element, tubular heater element, ceramic emitter, ceramic plate heating element, aluminium casting heater, mica band heater, ceramic band heating elements, Flexible ceramic heating pad, kapton heater, PI film heating elements, resistance wire, thermocouple, Pt100 etc. Also we make industrial heaters for example air duct heater, pipeline heater, oil circulation heater, drying oven etc. All of our heaters and temperature sensor can be OEM and now we have acquired CE certificate for our heating elements.

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