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Sinton customers tubular heater have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-08-22 17:05:57

Material:SS304, Power and Voltage: 220V 1.9KW, they also can be made according to your design.


Stainless steel W shape heating elements Application: rice steamer, heat insulation table, steaming ladle furnace, cooking furnace, etc.


Tubualr heating elements Precautions:

1. The components are allowed to work under the following conditions:

      A. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, and there is no explosive and corrosive gas.

      B. The working voltage should not be greater than 1.1 times the rated value, and the casing should be effectively grounded.

      C. Insulation resistance ≥ 1MΩ Dielectric strength: 2KV/1min.




2. The electric heating tube should be well positioned and fixed. The effective heating area must be completely immersed in liquid or metal solid, and empty burning is strictly prohibited. When it is found that there is scale or carbon on the surface of the tube body, it should be cleaned and reused in time, so as not to affect the heat dissipation and shorten the service life.


3. When heating fusible metals or solid nitrates, alkalis, bitumen, paraffin, etc., the operating voltage should be reduced first, and the rated voltage can only be increased after the medium is melted.


4. When heating the air, the elements should be evenly arranged in a cross, so that the elements have good heat dissipation conditions, so that the air flowing through can be fully heated.


5. Safety measures should be considered when heating nitrate to prevent explosion accidents.


6. The wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media and moisture; the lead wire should be able to withstand the temperature and heating load of the wiring part for a long time, and excessive force should be avoided when tightening the wiring screws.


7. The components should be stored in a dry place. If the insulation resistance is lower than 1MΩ due to long-term storage, it can be dried in an oven at about 200°C, or the voltage can be reduced and the insulation resistance can be restored.

8. The magnesium oxide powder at the outlet end of the electric heating tube can avoid the infiltration of pollutants and moisture in the use site, and prevent the occurrence of electric leakage accidents.




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