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Sinton customers electric hot oil circulation heater have been completed and ready to delivery!

2022-11-30 18:10:10


Power: 100KW Voltage: 380V, they also can be made according to your design.


In the application industry, electric hot oil circulation heater is mainly used for heating crude oil and natural gas and processing, storage and transportation of mineral oil.


Heat-conducting oil is used in refineries to preheat cold materials, and it has been successfully used in the heating of solvent and extractant evaporation devices in the manufacturing process of lubricating oil.


Compared with steam heating, heat-conducting oil has many advantages, such as uniform heating, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high temperature control precision and low operating pressure, so it has been widely used as heat transfer medium in modern industrial production.


Electric hot oil circulation heater mainly used for chemical industry, oil and fat industry, synthetic fiber industry, paper industry, plastic and rubber industry, air conditioning and electrical equipment industry, fat and paint industry, wood industry, building materials industry, road construction engineering, metallurgy, machining and casting industry, food industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, coking industry, automobile manufacturing industry, national defense scientific research, carbon industry, shipping industry, etc.


In addition to the above industries, heat conduction oil furnace can be used for hot water generator, hot water generator, steam generator, radiator, soap and detergent industry, tar processing industry and washing machine.


If there's any electric hot oil circulation heater inquiry, welcome contact with us and we are professional with better services and high quality electric hot oil circulation heater.


Sinton Group mainly make kinds of electric heating elements and temperature sensor: For example , cartridge heater,hot runner coil heating element, tubular heater element, ceramic emitter, ceramic plate heating element, aluminium casting heater, mica band heater, ceramic band heating elements, Flexible ceramic heating pad, kapton heater, PI film heating elements, resistance wire, thermocouple, Pt100 etc. Also we make industrial heaters for example air duct heater, pipeline heater, oil circulation heater, drying oven etc. All of our heaters and temperature sensor can be OEM and now we have acquired CE certificate for our heating elements. 



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