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Leaders from the Economic Development Zone of Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, visited Sinton Group for an inspection

2023-02-24 18:10:12


Recently, leaders from Inner Mongolia visited Sinton Group for an inspection. The leaders visited Sinton Group's sports center and sample exhibition hall on the 15th floor, and personally witnessed Sinton Group's nanotube products and other products. Afterwards, General Manager Wang Xiaodan gave the leaders a detailed introduction and explanation.


In the meeting room, both sides had in-depth discussions about cooperation matters. Sinton Group, as an enterprise that focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of new materials, has been committed to promoting technological progress and innovative development. During the meeting, Sinton Group and the Inner Mongolia leaders had friendly exchanges and explored the possibility of cooperation, with the aim of jointly promoting the development of the new materials industry and accelerating the rapid development of the Inner Mongolian economy.


During the meeting, General Manager Wang Xiaodan emphasized Sinton Group's nanotube products, which are one of the company's core competitive strengths and have broad application prospects and market potential. At the same time, Wang also introduced Sinton Group's advanced technology and equipment for new material research and production, and emphasized the company's high requirements for quality and innovative concepts.


The leaders highly praised Sinton Group's technical strength and product quality, and recognized that Sinton Group has broad market prospects and sustainable development potential. Both sides also discussed future cooperation and explored the feasibility of promoting the development of the new materials industry and the Inner Mongolian economy.


The successful holding of this meeting marks the further deepening of the cooperation relationship between Sinton Group and the Inner Mongolian government, and the development space for the future is even broader. Sinton Group will continue to uphold the concepts of innovation and excellence, and contribute to the development of the Chinese new materials industry.



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