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Tracing the Red Footprints, Inheriting the Spirit of the Iron Army

2023-08-01 17:25:02


In order to review the revolutionary martyrs of the great years, accept the ideological baptism, in memory of the revolutionary predecessors, and remember the history, on the occasion of the first of August, Yancheng City, Taizhou Chamber of Commerce and Sinton Group to carry out the "red footprints, inheritance of the spirit of the Iron Army," the theme of the activities. Yancheng Taizhou Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Zhong Jie, Sinton Group Financial Controller Yang Lijuan, the first rong international company general manager Wu Zaiyong, Suyuan Mechanical and electrical company general manager Chen Hui, Sinton Electric Heating Company general manager Jessica Xie, as well as members of Yancheng Taizhou Chamber of Commerce, Sinton party members, company executives and so on to participate in this activity.



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