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52KW pipeline electric heater solution

2023-09-14 19:25:25

52KW pipeline electric heater solution


1. Voltage (V) 380V

2. Power (KW) 52kw, a set of controls

3. Design pressure 25MPa

4. Design temperature 450℃

5. Container material 15CrMoR (43mm thickness)

6. Flange material 15CrMoR

7. Heating tube material 321 seamless tube

8. Inner bore size DN250*2200mm

9. Imported size (mm) DN100

10. outlet size (mm) DN100

11. shape horizontal

12. Heating medium compressed air

13. Exterior paint gentleman gray

15. The number of heating tubes is 18U (3 spare, 15 practical)

16. Surface load 2.61w/cm2 18 Explosion-proof grade ExdIICT4

19. Protection class IP65

When the equipment enters, the inside of the equipment at each nozzle is cleaned and free of debris. The heating element of the electric heater is a U-shaped metal tubular electric heating element, and the metal shell of the element is a 321 seamless tube; the insulating material of the heater is electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, which does not need to be dried. At high temperatures (300℃~500℃)

It can still maintain good insulation properties and dielectric strength.The material of the equipment is 15Crmor

Electrical control section:

The 1.52KW pipeline heater adopts centralized control, and the control method is solid-state control.

2. Cabinet size 600*500*250mm

3. Temperature control brand: Zhejiang Zhengtai

4.Added outdoor rainproof; sheet thickness 1.2mm


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