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Electrostatic precipitator tubular heater

Electrostatic precipitator tubular heater

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Electrostatic precipitator tubular heater


Electrostatic precipitatorss (ESPs) are commonly used in industrial processes to remove dust and particulate matter from exhaust gases. A tubular heater can be applied in an ESP to control the temperature of the gas stream and optimize the performance of the ESP

Here are a few specific applications where a tubular heater can be used in an ESP:

Corrosion prevention: In some industrial processes, the exhaust gas may contain corrosive components that can damage the ESP. By maintaining a certain temperature in the gas stream with a tubular heater, the corrosive components can be converted into less corrosive forms, reducing the risk of damage to the ESP.

Particulate agglomeration: Some particulates in the exhaust gas may be too small to be efficiently removed by the ESP. By increasing the temperature of the gas stream with a tubular heater, the particulates can agglomerate (or stick together) into larger particles that are more easily removed by the ESP.

Gas conditioning: In some cases, the exhaust gas may need to be conditioned before it can be effectively treated by the ESP. For example, if the gas is too humid, it may cause problems with the ESP's electrical components. A tubular heater can be used to dry the gas stream and optimize its condition for ESP treatment.


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