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PTC heater

PTC heater

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PTC heater


A PTC heater is a heater composed of PTC ceramic heating components and corrugated aluminum strips by high-temperature bonding. It has the advantages of low thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency, and is an automatic constant temperature and power-saving electric heater.

The principle of PTC heater is to use the switching characteristics of PTC material, such as thermosensitivity, current limiting, and time delay, as well as the characteristics of no contact, no noise, and long service life, to achieve automatic constant temperature heating. One of its outstanding characteristics is safety performance. Under any application conditions, there will be no surface "redness" phenomenon such as electric heating tube heaters, thereby causing safety hazards such as burns and fires.

At present, PTC heaters have been widely used in household appliances such as heaters, dryers, air curtains, and air conditioners. In addition, PTC heaters are also applied in the field of automotive air conditioning, such as in the air conditioning system of new energy vehicles. The PTC heater can realize cooling and heating functions.


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