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Mica band heater

Mica band heater

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Mica band heater


Product Introduction of Mica Band Heater

The mica band heater is a type of heating element commonly used in industrial and commercial applications. It consists of a resistance wire wound onto a mica sheet, providing efficient and uniform heating.

Featuring high-temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, the mica band heater can withstand elevated temperatures without degradation or breakdown. It is designed for reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.

The heater is available in various sizes and configurations to meet specific application requirements. It can be customized to fit different shapes and dimensions, allowing for versatile installations and adaptations.

Designed for ease of use, the mica band heater is equipped with termination connectors for secure electrical connections. It can be easily installed and integrated into existing systems or equipment.

This heater is suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial ovens, drying equipment, plastic processing, and more. It provides precise temperature control and uniform heating, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

The mica band heater is a reliable and efficient heating solution that offers durability, customizability, and precise temperature control. Whether in industrial or commercial settings, it delivers consistent and dependable heating performance.

Main Features

1.Matrix: consists of good thermal shock resistance of ceramic materials

2.Heating performance :Sintering with High quality nickel chromium alloy heating wire
3.Glaze layer: made up of good radiation far-infrared radiation metal oxide materials and then we put a appropriate amount of additives in it to improve radiation intensity , heighten adaptation of body-glaze.

Detailed Images


Heating element: nickel chrome wire or FeCr ;
Sheath material: stainless steel316/304/321/310/201;

Insulation material: mica;

2). Min Height: 25mm

3) .Watt Densities: 3w/cm2(stainless steel),      

4.5w/cm2(brass), 6.5w/cm2(ceramic insulation)

4).Standard voltages: 120, 240, 480, or 600 volts

5.Estimated life in excess of 10,000 hour 

6.Operating temperature up maximum of 500 ℃


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