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Circulation Heater

Circulation Heater

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Circulation Heater

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Pipeline heater for heating liquids
Image 1
Heavy oil explosion-proof pipeline heater
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Pipeline heater for air heating
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Vertical pipeline heater for nitrogen heating
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Pipeline heaters for petrochemical industry
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Pipeline heater for molten salt heating
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Pipeline heater for preheating blast furnace gas
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Explosion-proof pipeline heater for heating air
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Heavy oil transportation: In the transportation process of heavy oil, the use of explosion-proof pipeline heaters can maintain the temperature of heavy oil, make it flow more smoothly in the pipeline, and reduce the risk of clogging and condensation.

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Industrial processing: In some industrial processing processes, heavy oil needs to be heated to meet process requirements.Explosion-proof pipe heaters can provide a stable heat source to ensure the smooth progress of the processing process.

Oil fields and refineries: In places such as oil fields and refineries, heavy oil explosion-proof pipeline heaters can be used to heat heavy oil to improve its performance or for further treatment.

Ships and offshore facilities: Heavy oil is often used in the power systems of ships and offshore facilities. Explosion-proof pipeline heaters can ensure the safe heating of heavy oil in these environments.


Sinton Circulation Heaters are compact, all-in-one units constructed for the heating of flowing liquids and gases in a variety of industrial processes. Our heaters provide fast heat transfer and high accuracy in temperature control, with uniform heating, making it ideal for many applications.Built of only the highest quality materials, Sinton heaters are manufactured from stainless steel, titanium, Incoloy, and other alloys that offer the best corrosion resistance, strength, and long life in the most aggressive industrial environment.

Sinton Circulation Heaters pass a given fluid or gas through a closed-loop system and then heat it using electric elements. The heating elements are in direct contact with the medium, which leads to good heat transfer and effective temperature control.



What this heater does is to provide heat for different kinds of mediums, which include water, oils, chemicals, and gases, maintaining them process temperature at the points required by the user. In this regard, such becomes important to those processes which have to entail an exact temperature condition in order to operate at optimum.

Sinton Circulation Heaters are all-purpose with robust operation efficiency over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. This design is aimed at hazardous and non-hazardous areas; it further bears certifications to operate safely within explosive environments.


Why Choose Circulation Heater:

Some factors make the circulation heater ideal for various heating roles.


• High energy efficiency

• Fast heat-up time

• Precise temperature control

• Compact and versatile design

• Easy for install


The range of heating elements offered by us finds application in different sectors such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more. Application areas of these heaters include pre-heating, fluid heating, gas conditioning, and thermal oil heating.


Sinton customizes its heating solutions to fit even the most unique process requirements. Some of the customization offers include:


Wattage, voltage, and phase configurable

Flange sizes and materials vary

Different types of temperature controls and safety features

Availability for integration with process control systems

Features and Benefits:

l Robust Design: Engineered for longevity in the harshest industrial environments.

l Energy Efficiency: Optimizes power use, reducing operational costs.

l Safety Features: Overheat protection, Class I, Division 2 hazardous location certification.

l Ease of Maintenance: The design includes not only easy access to its interior for easy maintenance but also simple replacement of parts when required.

l Environmental Compliance: The product meets strict environmental standards that reduce your carbon footprint.


Working with Sinton

It is not really working to purchase a heater when working with Sinton. One may order, according to his or her preferences, a full solution for heating needs. It is the most experienced team of engineers that offers friendly advice, expert guidance, and support from concept through to manufacture, installation, and follow-on maintenance. Sinton Circulation Heaters are not products but solutions designed for enhanced efficiency, safety, and productivity in your industrial process.

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