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Nano boiler

Nano boiler

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Nano boiler

Nano boiler

Product Description

Nano-coating technology heaters are mainly used for liquid/air heating. It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no fouling, and has a service life of up to 20,000 hours (1000 hours for traditional heater products),It is well received by domestic and foreign customers.

The nano electric heating boiler adopts the technology imported from Germany,which is made by our company with special technology.It can save energy of 30-40% more than the conventional resistance wire heating method,and the product life is up to 5-10 years.

Advantages of nano boiler

Energy saving: Nano electric heat pipe thermal efficiency up to 99.96%,safer than conventional heating tube to save 30%~40%.
Safey: Leakage/overheat/grounding overvoltage/prevent dry heating power(automatic filling water,automatic water shortage)/antifreeze.
Function: Protection of automatic constant temperature,time setting,wifi,natural echaust.
Cleaness: Difficult to scale,long lifetime,semi-permanent,clean pipeline.
Noiseless: Imported pumps quieter,more security.
Magic field: Hydropower separation,noiseless,no radiation,quiet and comfortable space for you and your famaily.


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