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Efficient and Cost-Effective Pipeline Heating Solutions

Efficient and Cost-Effective Pipeline Heating Solutions

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Pipeline heater


Main Features

A heating machine, has advantages of stable heating performance, good heat transfer performance, low vapor pressure.As the heat-conducting oil possesses some advantages of good thermal stability,
Good heat transfer performance, low vapor pressure, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive on equipment, our oil conducting heating furnace has gradually been more extensive used in enterprise production.

The characteristics of the system

High-quality heat source: 
Under normal pressure, the oil-conducting heating system in liquid phrase can output hot oil of maximum 350 centigrade degree for the heat user. Our oil-conducting heating system applied the Fuji temperature control instrument and intelligent self turning temperature control technology (PID). The precision of control technology is up to about 1 centigrade degree, which can be accurately controlled in the range of the used temperature.
The main power for heating uses noncontact switch circuit which is the solid state in order to adapt to the frequent switching, and which has no interference to the power supply. And it has the function of antidry. The cooling system for hot oil can be designed according to the end user requirement, so that it can satisfy the process requirement of rapid cooling after heating up.

Energy saving, low operating cost

Oil conducting heating system is closed cycle in the liquid phrase. The difference of temperature between the output oil and the return oil is within the range of 20- 30 centigrade degree.
No lose of slam running, steam reeking, dropping and leakage as the steam boiler. The ratio of heating utilization is very high. It can save about 30% energy compared with the steam boiler.
Due to the reason that the system of oil conducting heating system is simple, no water treatment equipment, no more auxiliary equipment, and low pressurebore by the boiler, the investment for the whole system is comparatively low.


It can be applied in the following areas: high temperature shaping, plate heating, rubber, drying,dyeingand printing, chemical industry, plywood production, rolled water-proof material production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot- rolled machine, fiber, glass hot press machine, reactor, mould, drying room, oven, and other heating industries.



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