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Oil Circulation Heater for Marine Applications: Protect Engines from Cold Weather Damage

Oil Circulation Heater for Marine Applications: Protect Engines from Cold Weather Damage

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Thermal oil

Thermal oil

Production introduction

1.What is a thermal oil heater?
Thermal oil heater is also called organic heat carrier furnace, commonly known as thermal  boler, which is the official name of hot ol furnace.It USES coal, oil, gas and electricity as fuel and thermal oil as circulating medium for heating.
2.What is an electric heating thermal oil heater?
The electric heater is directly inserted into the organic carrier (thermal oil) for direct heating.Thermal oil is circulated to the heating equipment through the lquid phase of ol and mercury at high temperature, and the oil outlet of the heating equipment returns to the electric heating oi heater for heating, forming a complete cyde heating system.The electric thermal oil heater adopts digital display temperature controller to control the temperature, with functions of over temperature alarm, low ol level alarm and over pressure alarm.
3.The working principle of the thermal ring heater.
Through the oil heating,electric heating tube loop force the liquid phase of the thermal oil circulation,mercury will give one or more of the heat transfer oil equipment,mercury heated to cycle through the oil back to the heater,the absorption of heat,passed to oil equipment,so the cycle,realize the continuous transmission of heat,the heated object temperature,heating process requirment.
4.Applicable place of thermal oil heater.
Machinery, medical equipment, military aerospace, rare material heating, oven transformation, air pipe transformation, oil supply refinery and other uid medium heating, various water and process water heating, inert gas heating .



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