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Cartridge heating element

Cartridge heating element

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Cartridge heating element

Cartridge heating element

Product Description

Cartridge heaters are cylindrical electric heating elements.mostly used for heating up solids such as injection presses heating plates or various tools, they can also be used for heating up water of gases under certain conditions. Widely used for manufacturing plastic and rubber parts in the car industry or in the food processing industry,etc they are also commonly found in the chemical,electronics,medical equipment,packing and unclear industries.

Main Features

1. High power density (heat area surface power 10-25w/cm2) Working temperature<450 degrees

2.Middle,low power density(heat atea surface power 5-11w/cm2) Working temperature<300 degress

3.Votage:12-250V or as requirment

4.High Density Construction

5.High-quality stainless steel construction provides long-lasting protection even in the most rugged industrial environments. Protected with a stainless steel sheath,their watt density can reach 50w/cm2 and their oprating temperature can go up to 800 degrees




Materials can be changed to be copper,sus321,sus316L,incoloy804,incoloy800 as requested


as per request

Voltage/Wattage can be customized as required,and Wattage tolerance(cold condition):+5%-10%


as per request

Tube diameter can be changed to 6.6mm,8.0mm,10.0mm or others as requested


Main Application

* 3D printer.
* Extruder.
* Injection & blow moulding.
* Food processing machinery.
* Packing machine.
* Hot runner bushing.
* Hot plates, molds & dies.
* Medical equipment. 



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