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Tubular heating element

Tubular heating element

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Tubular heating element

Tubular heating element

Product Description

These are custom designed in a various shapes to meet client's requirements for direct immersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents and process solutions, molten materials as well as air and gases. Tubular heaters are produced using incoloy , stainless steel, aluminum, bundy and copper sheath materials and also there is huge variety of selection of termination styles available.



Stove coil heating element

Heat intensity

Not exceeding 30W/cm2 (advisable)


Depends on the dimension

Insulation (when cold)

5 Min Ohmios 500 Watts minimum

Power tolerance (w)

5 % - 10 %

Working temperature

750ºC max.


ISO9001, CE

Delivery date

7-15 working days after payment


1 year

Applications of Stove Coil Heating Element

*  Caustic Cyanide used in gold processing

*  Hot water storage
*  Sterilizing equipment
*  Heating oils
*  Plastic processing&packaging machinery
*  Water& Oil heating appliances
*  Vending machines
*  Kitchen equipment
*  Medical equipments


Detailed Images

1.Energy efficient
2.Broad variety of sizes for different applications

4. Moisture and contaminant resistant
5.Easy to install
6.Easy to maintain  

7.Designed and built for safety 

8.Low cost with long service life and high efficiency

9.High safety: No spark, no naked fire, highly insulated, the radiation of the harmony



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