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Ceramic band heater

Ceramic band heater

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Ceramic band heater

Product Description

Stainless steel mica heater Mainly used for extrusion,casting and down-stroke machines.The temperature can reach up to 500℃.The maximum surface loading rate is 8 w/ has many advantages include fast speed of heating , high rate of heat utilization ,excellent energy saving(energy consumption is reduced by 30%),high resistance of high insulation rate.It is one of the most suitable:electric heaters for plastic extrusion and injection machines,plastic hollow and blowing machines and chemical fibre moulding machines.

Main Features

1. Matrix: consists of good thermal shock resistance of ceramic materials

2. Heating performance :Sintering with High quality nickel chromium alloy heating wire

3.Glaze layer: made up of good radiation far-infrared radiation metal oxide materials and then we put a appropriate amount of additives in it to improve radiation intensity , heighten adaptation of body-glaze

Detailed Images


Heating element: nickel chrome wire or FeCr ;
Sheath material: stainless steel316/304/321/310/201;

Insulation material: mica;

2). Min Height: 25mm

3) .Watt Densities: 3w/cm2(stainless steel),

4.5w/cm2(brass), 6.5w/cm2(ceramic insulation)

4).Standard voltages: 120, 240, 480, or 600 volts

5.Estimated life in excess of 10,000 hour 

6. Operating temperature up maximum of 500 ℃


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