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Nano heating element

Nano heating element

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Nano heating element

Nano heating element

Product Description

Nano heating tubes are made by special technology which is from Germany,More than 30%~40% energy saving than conventional heating wire,and the product life is up 5-10 years.It is suitable for heating water,oil,acid and alkali,with no scale,acid and alkali resistance,high electric heating efficiency and fast heating speed.

Nano heating theory

A variety of minerals are mixed at appropriate rates, and their minerals are made into electrical conductors by means of nanomolecular evaporation, which converts electrical energy into a thermal energy system in the process of repassing electricity. 

Attached to the surface of the substrate of heat-resistant glass and ceramics, forming a fusion transparent film with a visual light wavelength of more than 85%, which can be heated in the resistance range of 1-500 ohms (Omega)/m² when the electrodes connected to the electrode on both sides of the transparent film provide power, and the heat conversion efficiency is more than 99% (sustainable, semi-permanent) 



nano heating tube

traditional heating tube

Setting the temperature




99.6% heat

80% heat


30 minutes

60 minutes


5~10 years

within 3 years

Water quality impact

always clean

polluted after 3 months


hydropower separation

easy to penetrate in the water

Power consumption

5.2 KWH

8.5 KWH





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