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500mm500mm 3D printer silicone rubber heating element

500mm500mm 3D printer silicone rubber heating element

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500mm*500mm 3D printer silicone rubber heating element

Product Description

Silicone rubber heater is a kind of thin film which heats upon electrified, in a standard thickness of 1.5mm, Adopting nickel chrome wires or 0.05 mm~0.10mm thick nickel chrome foils etched to some certain shapes, the heating component is wrapped with heat conducting and insulating materials on both sides, and completed in high-temperature die forming and aging heat treatment. Due to its high reliability, the product is highly competitive when comparing with other electric heating film products which normally have paste materials such as graphite paste or resistor paste, etc. coated on insulation materials. As a kind of soft red film which can be applied closely on different curved surfaces, the silastic heater can be fabricated in varies shapes and powers.

Features of Silicone Rubber Heater

1. Maximum temperature resistantof insulation : 200 C degree

2. Best continuous working temperature as 150C degree, max temperature as 230C degree momentarily.

3. Power deviation : 8% insulation resistance : >= 5MΩ

4. Compressive strength : 1500V/5s

5. Standard dimension : width: 20mm-1000mm ; Length : 25mm-1000mm; lead wire length : 200mm.

6. Fast heat diffusion , uniform heat transfer , directly heat objects on ; high thermal efficiency , high strength , long service life ,work safe , uneasy for ageing.

Applications of Silicone Rubber Heater

1. Silicone rubber band heater can be used in damp , no explosive gas atmosphere, industrial equipment pipelines, heat preservation for can and barrel .

2. It can be used as a frozen prevention, air conditioner compressor ,assisting heating of elctrical equipment .

3. Also it can be used as medical equipmentand medical care (such as blood tube heater, blood analyzer, heat supplementary for corset and waistband).



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