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Duct type hot air heater

Duct type hot air heater

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Sinton’s Duct type hot air heater is made of sheath house ( steel alloy, stainless steel ,or other material as your design), finned heating elements, inside with thermal insulators for keeping air temperature, wire connect box, thermocouple, inlet hole, outlet hole, temperature controller etc

Duct type hot air heater’s Temperature range

Low temperature: less than 160 degree Celsius    (insulators thickness: 80mm)

Middle temperature : from 160 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius (insulators thickness:100mm to 150mm)

High temperature: from 200 degree Celsius to 650 degree Celsius (insulators thickness: 300mm)


Duct type hot air heater’s Advantage:

1. During heating, air max temperature can reach 550 degree Celsius or higher temperature, but the surface temperature of the sheath is just around 50 degree Celsius

2. Heat efficient is more than 95%

3. Temperature raise rate : 10 degree Celsius per second during working

4. The heating elements is made of high temperature alloy with good mechanical character

5. Usage time: standard more than 10 years

6. Clean air, small volume

7. Made as client design (OEM)

8. After reached the max temperate, the working wattage can reduce to half



1. Surface pressure : less than 0.3kg/cm2

2. Just can be used to heat air



Airline, laboratory, shipping area, Ordnance Industry, Chemical Industry , Education and so on.


When order, pls supply us follows data ( standard voltage 380V)

1. Air flow rate

2. Temperature range

3. Heating time

4. Usage environment



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