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22mm diameter solar water heating element

22mm diameter solar water heating element

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silicon nitride Solar water heating element was used in solar water heater tank

When it is winter or rainy day , the solar energy isn’t enough for water heating to reach at the target temperature, you can use sinton’s silicon nitride solar water heating element to supply the heating energy together to meet the water temperature.

Sinton’s silicon nitride solar water tubular heaters are produced using Incoloy, stainless steel, silicon nitride or Copper sheath materials and also there is huge variety of selection of termination styles available. Insulation of Magnesium offers greater heat transfer. Tubular heaters can be used in any application. Standard installation diameter 22mm  47mm 58mm , they also can be made OEM

Sinton’s heating element other usage

Our heating elements also can be inserted in machined groves for conductive heat transfer and formed Tubular provides consistent heat in any type of special application. Its applications areas are: Plastic processing machineries ;Engineering Industry ;Packaging machinery ;Shoe making machineries ;Foundry Equipment ;Radiant Surface heating ;Hot Runner Mould Systems etc.



1.Sinton offer standard as well as customized models

2.Sinton offer different sheath materials. It can be availed in different materials like silicon nitride , Incoloy 800, SS 304, SS 321, SS 316, Copper & Titanium etc

3.Sinton offer various shapes as customer demand: immersion heater with flange or screw, explosion proof heater.

4.Various terminal options are available

5.Electric heating element are with various shapes and sizes

6.They are Durable and has longer life

7 .Sinton’s electric heating element can be widely used



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