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Cylindrical Heater and cartridge heater manufacturers

Cylindrical Heater and cartridge heater manufacturers

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Sinton is one of the best Cylindrical Heater and cartridge heater manufacturers in China. We have our own factory, approx 20 workers in workshop.

Maybe our technology of electric cartridge heaters isn’t the best in the world, but our cost is much lower than other supplier, For example , the diameter 10mm x 100mm cartridge heater with standard wattage, cost is only approx US$1.8/pc, but the exactly price would be decided by order quantity and wattage.


The structure of Sinton’s Cartridge heater is very easy and it can reach a high temperature of up to 1,400ºF (760ºC) with a very small size heater at short time. Various diameters allow for it to be used in any cavity and can be custom designed with any cold section. And there are FeCrAl resistance wire and NiCr resistance wire can be used inside for heating purpose.   

Sinton’s Cartridge heaters are used as a water heater element and in a wide variety of applications. Some of these uses include bag sealing applications, Mould heating element Ignitor, hydraulic oil applications, motor oil applications, gearboxes, water heating applications as well as laboratory and food equipment.

High watt density cartridge heaters can also have different types of lead wire connections for example Teflon, silicone rubber,fiberglass depends on usage environment and using temperature. And Sinton also can make swaged construction cartridge heater as client’s requirement.



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