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Hot Runner Electrical Coil industrial Heater with Thermocouple

Hot Runner Electrical Coil industrial Heater with Thermocouple

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  • Date of issue:2023-07-05 15:20:29
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TC wire for reference

TC Type

American Standard Code(美标)

Chinese Standard Code(国标)

K type

Yellow(黄) + and Red(红)—

Red(红)+ and Black (黑) —

J type

White(白)+ and Red(红)—

Red(红)+ and Blue (兰) —

Technical Specifications

Sheath material: 304SS 

Inner tubular material options: SS304, Brass

Max working temperature: 700℃

High voltage with standing test: Less than 0.5mA leak under 1000V for 30 seconds

ID available: 8mm to 50mm

Tubular height range: 12mm to 300mm

ID tolerance: +0.03-0.05; -0.00

Range of working voltage: 12V to 440V

Power range: 5W to 2500W

Power Tolerance: +5% and -10%

Working life: 10,000 hours under less than 400℃ minus and 2000 hours at 700℃

TC optional:  type J ,K, E and T

TC Tolerance: ±5℃

Surface treatment: Original metal bright   




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