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4400W hot air gun ceramic heating element

4400W hot air gun ceramic heating element

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Ceramic heating element / 3300W ceramic heater

Hot air gun ceramic heating element is made of various high temperature NiCr resistant ceramics in various forms (cross type, air duct type, cylindrical honeycomb type, etc.) as the support, and then the surface of the insulated heating wire is wound on the surface of the ceramic or embedded in the ceramic, which is electrified or radiated to provide the required heat.


It is widely used in air heating devices such as hair dryer and dryer, wire dryer, plastic welding gun, wire blower, shoe dryer, hair dryer, dryer and mobile phone, involving medicine, leather, shoemaking, handbag, chemical industry and other industries.


The temperature climbs fast and the heating speed is fast  

There is no open fire during use to ensure safety   Anti oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti acid and alkali   Small size and light variety   High insulation performance, high heating efficiency and long service life

Quality control:

Raw material  (heating elements)
Sinton use the high temperature resistance wire, max temperature 1300 ℃ ; pure resistance wire without any recycle material; Strong antioxidant capacity; In the process of use, no deformation, no breakdown, no loopholes.

Insulation material
What sinton used the refractory material is corundum. In the process of working, the radiant tube is high temperature strength and high temperature insulation ability, no fragmentation and leakage.



Fire resistance℃


Density g/cm3


Apparent porosity/%


thermal expansion/%


Thermal shock stability℃/Water cooling


Refractory materials mainly include:

(1) High alumina refractory products: the refractory service temperature is 1200 ℃ ~ 1450 ℃, widely used in ceramics, electronics, magnetic materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.

(2) Corundum and corundum mullite products: the refractory service temperature is 1500 ℃ ~ 1750 ℃, good thermal shock stability (resistance to sudden change), high load softening temperature, low creep, good slag resistance and permeability resistance, strong product stability, etc. Widely used in ceramics, electronics, magnetic materials, fluorescent materials, metallurgy and other industries in the high temperature parts.

(3) Silicon carbide products: keep inherent high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock stability, high temperature strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, long-term use at high temperature, no bending, no deformation, no expansion, no slag, better use effect, better energy saving effect.

(4) Production process:There is no crack in the process of heating wire winding, and the ceramic should be kept clean and tidy during the installation process, and the defects should be avoided. After a large number of customers confirmed that in the normal working temperature and load, the ceramic heating core produced by our factory has been recognized and praised by people from all walks of life.

Hot air gun ceramic heating element usage

(1) SINTON ceramic heating elements are made of corundum (Al2O3 > 90%) or 95 alumina ceramics, the ceramic heating core has high mechanical strength, increased acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance (above 1400 ℃);

(2) The heating wire is made of high temperature alloy wire imported from Sweden and wound by numerical control technology to ensure the accuracy of resistance, voltage, power and temperature;

(3) After years of experience, our factory has optimized the structure of ceramic support for many times. The support has strong thermal shock resistance, good ventilation and thermal conductivity;

(4) After high-quality material selection and exquisite processing, the ceramic heating core produced by our factory has the following characteristics: fast heating speed, no open fire during use, ensuring safety, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid-base resistance, small size, light type, high insulation performance, high heating efficiency, long service life, etc.

Product use and maintenance


(1) It is forbidden to use the product with excessive temperature, power and load for a long time;

(2) Ensure that the voltage is consistent with the instruction;

(3) Do not touch the radiant tube during loading and discharging;

(4) It is necessary to analyze and deal with the abnormal temperature at any time;


(1) Dust that should be cleaned after three to four months of use;

(2) Pay attention to mark the positive and negative poles of the heating core, and exchange the positive and negative poles once every three to four months;

(3) When removing the terminal, be careful not to strike or knock the lead out end;

(4)The bolt leading out the wiring clamp is easy to be oxidized and loose, so it should be checked and tightened regularly

Common process troubleshooting







1、the resistance wire contacted with each other

1、chose the annealed resistance wire and tightly wound

2、Improper transition of resistance wire between two core tubes

2、chose better wire twinning method

3、Fracture of heat resistant core tube or porcelain plate

3、chose good quality and avoid the fragile

4、Excessive oxide scale falling from the bottom of pipe

4、keep the heating element drying


5、control the raw material size


Insulated material broken

1、porcelain  material quality isn’t goot

1、chose high quality porcelain material

2、flame contact porcelain parts during gas welding

2、Avoid flame contact with porcelain parts

3、Severe collision or vibration during installation

3、Avoid collision and vibration

4、don’t heat it too fast

4、chose good quality material



1、The welding material is not good

1、chose good quality welding material

2、Improper welding operation

2、weld it correct



1、tube quality isn’t good

1、chose the good raw material

2、put it wrong or deformationafter high temperature

2、put it correct, If there is deformation, measures should be taken in time

3、put it in Horizontal , Improper stress

3、when put it in horizontal,use a bracket



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