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Polyimide film heater for hairdressing tools

Polyimide film heater for hairdressing tools

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Size:they can be made according to your design.


Name: Polyimide heating film

Voltage: DC and AC

Operating temperature: 0-180 degrees (cannot be used in liquid)

Polyimide film electrothermal film can be widely used in heating field and can obtain quite high temperature control accuracy such as car seat film heating elements, baby care productiosn warm heating element, hairdressing heating elements etc.

Use environment: -190-190 degrees

Customized shape: any size of the plane range

Thickness: 0.15-0.25mm

Surface temperature tolerance: <3℃

Temperature control method: adjustable temperature digital display temperature control meter, thermal protector, thermistor, K-type thermal resistance, etc.

How to order polyimide film heating element from Sinton?


1.Please advice us Voltage,Watts or Resistance.


2.Size:Length and Width.Please send us drawing if you have.


3.Cable length


4.Other requirements is availble.



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