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Polyimide film heating mat

Polyimide film heating mat

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The polyimide film electric heating film bed is made of polyimide film (PI film) as the outer insulator; metal foil and metal wire as the inner conductive heating element, which are heat-sealed at high temperature and high pressure.

Type: they can be made according to your design.


Polyimide film (Polyimide Film) is the best-performing thin-film insulating material in the world. It is condensed into a film by pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and diamine diphenyl ether (ODA) in a strong polar solvent. It is formed by imidization.



It is also a high-performance polymer film die-cutting material developed in recent years. Sitnon PI film is widely used in computer, audio, electronic components and other electronic and electrical industries, and has the reputation of "gold film"!




1. Scientific analysis instruments, such as providing constant temperature sources for thermal conductivity (or thermal insulation coefficient) measuring instruments, medical instruments, etc., to stabilize the working temperature of optoelectronic components.

2. In a cryogenic environment, bring the equipment to a safe working temperature. For example, artificial satellites, space vehicles and aircraft and other instruments and facilities, as well as instruments and instruments used in high latitude areas, anti-low temperature, such as card readers, liquid crystal displays LCD and other instruments.

3. Vacuum heating and baking fields.

4. Defrost sheet for car rearview mirror, snow removal for antenna or radar, defrost heating element and speed control resistor sheet, etc.

5. Healthcare and beauty equipment industry.


How to order polyimide film heating element from Sinton?


1.Please advice us Voltage,Watts or Resistance.


2.Size:Length and Width.Please send us drawing if you have.


3.Cable length


4.Other requirements is availble.




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