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Teflong heating tablet

Teflong heating tablet

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Teflong heating tablet



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1. The power is stable, and the power change within the service life is less than 1%.

2. High power density, the power density can reach up to 20000/㎡

3. The service life is as long as 15 years

4. The maximum operating temperature is 350°C

5. The insulating material is Teflon


1. Gaskets, baking sheets, and microwave ovens that need to heat food;

2. Anti-adhesive linings, gaskets, coverings, etc.; according to different thicknesses, used for conveyor belts, adhesive tapes, sealing tapes, etc. of various drying machines;

3. Used for anti-corrosion coating of various petrochemical pipelines, electrical and electronic insulation, heat-resistant coating materials, environmental protection of electronic waste, etc.

How to order Teflong heating tablet from Sinton?

1.Please advice us Voltage,Watts or Resistance.

2.Size:Length and Width.Please send us drawing if you have.

3.Cable length

4.Other requirements is availble.



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