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Air duct heaters for heating large factory workshops

Air duct heaters for heating large factory workshops

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Air duct heaters for heating large factory workshops



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Uses of air duct heaters:

Used for industrial air ducts, room heating, large factory workshop heating, baking room and circulating heating of the channel air to provide air temperature to achieve the heating effect.

The main structure of the duct heater is a framed wall panel structure, equipped with an over-temperature protection device. If the heating temperature is higher than >120°C, a thermal insulation or heat dissipation zone should be provided between the junction box and the heater, and a finned heat dissipation structure should be provided on the surface of the electric heater element. Low and medium temperature duct electric heaters do not require a thermal insulation zone or heat sink zone, and the surface of the electric heater element dissipates heat naturally. The electric control and fan must be linked. Start the fan first, then start the electric heater. The time difference must be greater than 2 minutes.

Controls. A linkage is provided between the fan and the heater to ensure that the heater, does not start until after the fan has operated, and the fan must be delayed for more than 2 minutes after the fan stops working to prevent the fan from overheating and becoming damaged.



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