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film heating element

2021-10-13 16:45:46

220-240v/50Hz 250 × 300mm demist film sample has been prepared. Thanks for your trust my dear russia friend. Hope you can sell them at your market well and confirm more orders with us.

Bathroom antifogging film heating element, which has a variety of titles (mainly including antifogging film, electrothermal film, defogging film, heating film, antifogging paste, electrothermal paste, defogging paste, electrothermal sheet, heating sheet, defogger, heating paste, etc.). Bathroom antifogging film is an electric heating product specially designed to completely solve the fogging of bathroom mirror. It has been widely used in bathroom decoration such as hotels, hotels, apartments, fully decorated buildings, tourist resorts, home decoration engineering and bath service industry, as well as other places requiring bright mirror.

The bathroom anti fog film heating element can efficiently convert electric energy into heat energy, and directly transmit the heat energy to the lens, so as to heat the mirror and prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror, so as to achieve the anti fog effect. The approved input power of the bathroom anti fog film will maintain the mirror temperature balance and effectively save energy. Only 0.4mm thick, fully attached to the back of the mirror, the temperature is efficiently transmitted to the mirror, reducing heat loss, protecting your lens and achieving the effect of safety mirror.

Technology Data

Voltage 220V/Hz

Related wattage  1.8-2.5W/d

Thickness of film 0.4mm

Mirror temperature range :15-18℃

Adhesive strength0.5kg/c

film heating element.jpg

film heating element.jpg



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