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hot runner coil heating element

2021-10-20 15:40:46

120 pieces hot runner heating elements had been finished and packed well & ready for delivery to Ukraine. Thanks for your support to Sinton of these years all the time.

Hot runner heating elements , 220V 500W inside diameter 31.2mm, coil length 140mm , with K type thermocouple wire and with grounded cable

Sinton hot runner heating element is divided into adiabatic runner and micro semi hot runner system. The design of adiabatic runner is complex, but the effect is good and the maintenance cost is very low. The micro semi hot runner has the advantages of simple structure, stability and easy to use, low failure rate, simple structure, low maintenance cost and greater guarantee for the stability of production.

Hot runner classification: open type (for micro semi hot runner) and needle valve type (for adiabatic runner).

Application of hot runner flexible coil heating element :

1. Types of plastic materials

Hot runner molds have been successfully used to process various plastic materials. Such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PBT, PA, PSU, PC, POM, LCP, PVC, pet, PMMA, Pei, ABS / PC, etc. Any plastic material that can be processed with a cold runner die can be processed with a hot runner die.

2. Part size and weight

The minimum parts manufactured with hot runner die shall be less than 0.1g. The largest is more than 30 kg. It is widely used and flexible.

3. Industry

Hot runner molds are widely used in electronic, automotive, medical, daily necessities, toys, packaging, construction, office equipment and other industrial departments.

hot runner coil heating element

hot runner coil heating element

hot runner coil heating element


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